Teaching systems

Virtual Teaching Environment for Medical Technology Industry

Complex and clinical-knowledge-demanding high-tech medical products require a dedicated teaching environment for their adoption in ever improving clinical treatments.

The novel Pulsar-owned virtual teaching environment technology provides a set of sophisticated tools, uniquely combined to provide for detailed information on the clinical workflow with corresponding medical images, as well as the tools for interactive communication with performing physicians.

Online learning and training helps your staff and customers get the knowledge they need, when they need it, regardless of devices they use or where they are. It helps your employees become more productive and provides just-in-time answers for your customers.

The teaching environment is designed in accordance with given clinical or technological demands, allowing for utilisation of modern interactive multimedia tools that provide a detailed information on new products and their clinical application, emphasising their particular advantages over similar solutions existing on the market.

Pulsar company designed a large set of modular software components designed for interactive presentation of new products and their final clinical usage.

The environment can be used for multifold purpose: customer training, product presentation and a sales support technology.