IT Services


Help during offer preparation, procurement and implementation of information systems, we recommend to organizations that want to obtain high-quality information systems with minimal risks involved, as well as IT companies that offer IT products to make their offerings more competitive with quality products.

Based on international standards in the acquisition, procurement and implementation of information systems, Pulsar offers the following groups of services:


Efficient management of IT projects is critical to project success. Unfortunately, experience shows that project management is one of the weakest links in the computerization, responsible for many failed costly IT projects.

Ignorance of the IT project management process is almost invariably present in both information systems buyers, and with the providers/contractors - which results in a high probability of failure (with all the costly consequences).

Therefore, we observed that the most recognized needs and the best investment opportunity during IT system acquisition are the following services:

As a special value of our model we highlight the use of risk management activities in detail and taxonomy of IT risk.