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Global quality

Pulsar is a consulting company from Split in Croatia, specialized in providing services in the field of expertise of information systems. We are particularly focused on the management and procurement of complex IT projects, as well as on issues of information quality and process maturity of software development.

Pulsar is focused on providing high-quality consulting services, and we present an advantageous and efficient source of cutting-edge knowledge and experience in the IT field for our clients.

Our quality is based on the following:

Thus Pulsar achieves domestic and international recognition as a successful Croatian consulting company.

In the new millennium a global information society is established. Foundation of the undergoing changes are information and communication technologies and their heart: software. Everyone will face the demanding needs of computerization, either as a user or as a manufacturer.

Our experts offer you valuable consultant help in the inevitable encounter with IT projects.

Our clients

State-of-the-art consulting services provided by the Pulsar, and their volume and quality make our company unique in Croatia, which has led to the fact that it has been recognized as a reliable and advantageous partner from the founding of the company in 1990 until today.

Our clients are market-oriented companies and government organizations are faced with business challenges every day and try to resolve them by professional planning and reliable acquisitions, and intelligent use of information technology.

Pulsar is ready to assist all stakeholders in IT: consulting users during the planning, procurement and supervision of the development of information systems - as well as helping software companies to improve the quality and strategically determine its market orientation.

Expertise - professional competences

Pulsar consulting services are based on exhaustive research and development acitivities in the field of software engineering, active co-operation with eminent international organizations and the experience gained, tried and tested in daily operations management of complex software projects. We actively follow European and world trends in software engineering, which is a fundamental prerequisite for excellence which we are proud.

Our consultants are internationally trained for jobs in the field of IT consulting. Pulsar is continually working not only on cooperation in the development and adoption of the latest state-of-the-art knowledge and achievements in the field of software engineering, but also in their adjustment to the characteristic conditions in Croatia and EU, as well as in developing of original methodologies.